8 Helpful GNOME Shell Extensions For Linux Users

GNOME Shell,  GNOME Shell extensions,  GNOME Shell extensions for Linux, most helpful  GNOME Shell extensions for linux, 8 most helpful  GNOME Shell extensions for linux, 8 useful GNOME Shell extensions for linux If you are looking for switching windows, launching applications and check your notifications, then GNOME Shell is the solution for you. It is powered by some useful modern graphics hardware and its interface is highly user-friendly. There are several extensions which make the job of GNOME Shell easier. As there are more than one excellent options and it's hard to choose one, know the best eight and find your suitable for all of them.

1. Dash to Dock

If you like GNOME Shell's dock but hate the fact that you can access it in the Activities mode only, then Dash to Dock is the solution for you. By this extension Gnome's dash dock is turned into a full-fledged dock for everyday use. It transforms the dock in a way to launch applications and switch between windows and desktops in a faster way. As per users, it's an indispensable tool which has an excellent collection of configuration options.

2. Places Status Indicator

Gnome's menu can be restored with the Places Status extension and you can access all your favourite filesystem bookmarks like home, documents, music, videos and so on. As it adds the menu, navigation within the system becomes easier. This extension is a part of Classic Mode and supported by GNOME officially. It's recommended that GNOME Bugzilla should be used to report bugs with this extension. Users find it as a very useful extension.

3. Removable Drive Menu

This extension helps manage any removable device like an external hard drive, USB, DVD and more. They can be managed from the top panel and the devices can be unmounted easily too. It means lots of your clicks are saved. Users find it useful since quite a long time now and they are quite satisfied with the extension.

4. Caffeine

If you are reading something on your system with full concentration and suddenly the screensaver appears, you must have been feeling very annoyed. That's where this extension, Caffeine, is needed as it doesn't allow GNOME Shell enable its lock screen when the screen is enabled. So to disable the screensaver on a temporary basis, Caffeine is a must. This is said to be one of the most useful extensions in the lot.

5. TopIcons

GNOME is not very popular about its support for legacy icons, though they can be found at the hidden tray at the bottom of the screen. But this is not a very excellent practice as most people want that the icons appear in the top panel only. That's when Toplcons comes forward to help as with this extension all system tray icons appear on the GNOME Shell panel. It also mixes up the legacy icons and newer icons in an extraordinary way.

6. Skype Integration

If you can't imagine your life without Skype and simply wish that GNOME Shell is integrated to Skype, then here is the Skype Integration extension. It will allow you add Skype as a search provider too and you can search your contacts inside the Gnome dash and Skype will use native GNOME Shell notifications. It will show your online status too. It's a charming extension and a great app, no doubt.

7. Drop Down Terminal

Linux cannot be imagined without terminal and you have no choice than using it. So have a stylish terminal with Drop Down Terminal extension which will give you fast access to such a terminal in Gnome only. Press a button on your keyboard and the terminal will appear. But users are also known to be missing multiple terminals through the tabs in the extension.

8. SystemMonitor

If you want to check your system at a simple glance here is the SystemMonitor extension which will let you check the GNOME Shell tray and you can check your system. This extension gives an idea about CPU and memory usage in the message tray.

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